Colour inspiration

colour inspiration



These photos were taken by “Stand still photography “ for our engagement photos two years ago.

The photos turned out super creative, fun and messy. I am inspired everyday by colours that are bright and fun!

But can we use the combination of these colours in design/illustration?

Here are some interesting facts about these colours, I know the red and yellow are not quite as the pure-original form, but they have similar descriptions


-Red  is the best colour if you want to capture attention. It provokes the most response with people

-It is one of the most visible colors, second only to yellow

-It  is a symbol of high energy, passion, importance, danger, anger, excitement, being bold, strength


-Yellow represents youth, happiness, sunshine, joy

-It is a cheerful energetic colour. It’s used in children’s toys and clothes

-It stimulates mental and physically activity


-Orange is the energy of red and the happiness of yellow

-It represents fire, the sun, fun, tropical

-Its associated with autumn, healthy food, strength


-White is associated with  innocence, safety, and cleanliness.

-It suggests simplicity in products and safety in medical products

-White makes you think of peace and a new beginning


The combination of red, yellow and orange is a little risky. The all are warm and strong colours trying to get all the attention. These colours only work great, because there is a lot of white. Also they are meant to transmit the energy, fun, joy from the photo shoot. Use these colours only if you have more white than these colours combined; your eyes will be thankful to have all that white to break up the space. Use it if you are working with a concept that involves movement, energy, or just a simple message of having fun! The best audience is children, and creative young adults.


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Here are some of my favourite quotes.

Stay inspired.

Make it happen. Stop waiting things to happen to you, instead make things happen, be creative, believe and ACT, DO, MAKE.

Life is the art of drawing without eraser. Life is messy, imperfect and that makes it ironically beautiful. We learn and grow through the mess. Enjoy the process.

Everyday is a fresh start. Waking up is a blessing! It is a new opportunity to start fresh. It is easy to stay pessimistic and think that we are trapped by yesterday, the old “me” forever. Today is a new day. Today we can make changes, be  different. Today only counts.